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A few weeks ago I wrote an article on how I feel about aging titled “I Am aging and it Sucks” where I wrote that even though I sometimes feel like throwing in the towel and let the process get on its way, I will do my best in trying to prolong the inevitable by using products that might proof beneficial.  So last week I purchased two new creams/serums from Avon lately. Yes, I contributed to the 2.5 billion sales  that is the Beauty Skin industry. Yes, that is how much us Women purchased in 2015. I guess we are all in search of the Fountain of Youth, which by the way, it’s not in St. Augustine, Florida.

Last week I started using ANEW products from Avon. I bought ANEW CLINICAL one eraser with Retinol and ANEW VITAMIN C SERUM.

Anew Vitamin C Serum

Anew Vitamin C Serum


Of course, I didn’t make  these purchases on a whim,  I did a some research on the world wide web and followed the advised of the lady that did my Facial Rejuvenation back in April.

I was a little afraid to use Retinol as I had heard that on some users have reported redness and sensitivity but I did well with this product and had no adverse reaction.   The first day I applied a very small amount of this cream on my face and neck, I didn’t like the smell but I was glad I had no reaction.   So I now use it both in the morning before applying the rest of my morning creams and at night after cleansing my skin thoroughly.

Anew wrinkle eraser

Anew wrinkle eraser


At the same time, I started using the ANEW Vitamin C serum as my Aesthetician had recommended both of these products.   The vitamin C Serum feels like putting pure oil on your skin and at first it does have an alcohol smell but it finishes with a pleasant citrus smell.  I use this serum in the morning and at night. I think my skin will benefit most from this serum as I have sun or aging spots on my cheeks and for what I have read, this serum lightens your skin. Can’t wait to see the results.

Although, it has only been a week since I started using these two products, I can tell that my skin looks smoother and overall I like the way it feels.

I will be posting updates on a weekly basis or as I start seeing results.



Maria Acevedo

Author: Miablogger66

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