Latin House Grill

Cuban-Mexican is what you will get at Latin House Grill


I finally stopped and dined at Latin House Grill on Sunset and 95th avenue.  I have been following them since they opened at the location and I have been wanting to stop by and check them out but for some reason we never found the time, that is until today.

  I now know why Latin House Grill was voted one of the 10 restaurants in Miami.

The restaurant is in a shopping strip center so it doesn’t look like much, but having heard that Guy Fieri from the Food Network had stopped and eaten there, I guess it must not be a bad place.  Well, let me tell you, that we were pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of the hostess when we first walked in, by the level of service and politeness from our server.  And of course the yumminess of the food that we ordered.

Latin House Grill

Latin House Grill


I first asked our waiter what type of food they served as I thought it was a Cuban restaurant but after glancing at their menus I was confused as they also had Mexican dishes, he told us that it was a fusion of Cuban and Mexican which are two of my favorite cuisines.

Latin House Grill menu

Latin House Grill menu


My boys immediately loved that they had traditional Mexican soda, I mean, it is the same coke and sprite that we have here; however, in Mexico they use real sugar, yes, now a days you are able to buy these at your local grocery store but seldom do they have these in restaurants.  Being a hot Saturday afternoon, I opted for a cool Corona beer on a cold glass.  Delish!

To begin our meal we ordered the sticky nachos with ropa vieja as our appetizers, home-made corn tortilla chips, their own cheese sauce, topped with ropa vieja and pico de gallo, we liked it.

Sneaky Nachos @Latin House Grill

Sneaky Nachos @ Latin House Grill


My son Brandon ordered The Champ burger which had tomatoes, lettuce, avocados, pretty much everything that my 14-year-old son never eats and yet somehow he ordered this burger and really liked it, because it was pretty big he ate 3/4 of it and we were very proud of him.

Champ burger @ Latin House grill

Champ burger @ Latin House Grill

My eldest son who is a big foodie like his mama, ordered the Chimi Burrito, once again it was a huge burrito.  Of course he could not finish it all but he said it was outstanding.

Chimi burrito @Latin House Grill

Chimi burrito @Latin House Grill


Our waiter was so good that he must have stopped by our table 6 times to ask how we were doing and if we needed anything.  The service was superb.

My husband and I ordered the Chuchi bowl of rice, I ordered mine with steak and my husband ordered his with vaca frita.  The bowl is made up of flavorful yellow rice, topped with pico de gallo(no spicy at all) cream fresca and avocado lime. It was delicious.

The restaurant has plenty of sitting, great service and great food.  I recommend Latin House Grill hands down.  You won’t be disappointed.  It is great to see how the owners of Latin House Grill went from owning a food truck to opening restaurants.  I believe that there are two aspects for a restaurant to grow and that is to consistently throw great good and have a great staff with outstanding service and today I was served both.





Maria Acevedo

Author: Miablogger66

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