Ross Stores, we have a sticky situation

Dear Ross, we have a sticky situation

This past weekend, I bought some cute shoes at Ross.  It had been a while since I bought shoes at Ross stores and you will read why below. Shopping for shoes is not always easy and can be even trickier at Ross as customers tend to place them back in the wrong size rack.  My husband says that I take a long time shopping in general, especially shoes, but he doesn’t realize that  It takes time to find the right fit.  Ross is one of the retailers that carry designer shoes at a discount price, sometimes up to 75% off  brands such as Guess, Jessica Simpson, Coach, Steve Madden, etc.   Anyway after browsing the size 7 aisle, I was lucky to find two pairs of shoes that I really liked, they fit perfectly and the price was great.  I had to buy them.

I found two pairs that I really liked, a pair of GUESS black wedges and a pair of IMPO heels at a great price. I just couldn’t pass these up as they fit comfortably. What is a woman to do, except buy them.

Guess black wedges

Guess shoes from Ross

Guess shoes from Ross


The following morning when I was getting ready for work, I took the shoes out of the bag and began removing the sticker price from the shoe, and I remembered why I had not purchased any shoes from them in a while. The sticker price location.  Ross places the sticker price right on the sole of the shoe instead of the bottom of the shoe.   I began using my fingernail to scratch off the sticker but instead ended up shredding the price and leaving the glue on the shoe, which by now is completely black from all the scratching.  Being that I was getting ready for work and I was running late, I left home with the shoe on but thorough out  the day my foot kept sticking to the shoe and worse yet making a squishy noise when I walked throughout my office. Can anyone say, embarrassing? 🙁


Impo Shoes with the price right on the sole of the shoe 🙁


Impo shoes from Ross


Don’t get me wrong, I have bought some great shoes at Ross but it is always a hassle to remove the sticker. I like to buy shoes that look great, fit comfortably and that I can wear right away without having to fight with the glue.

Am I the only customer who has bought shoes from Ross that feels this way? Or am i just too picky? .

Sticky situation, we have here(it’s not dirt)

remaining glue after I tried to remove theprice


Am I the only customer who has bought shoes from Ross that feels this way? Or am I being too picky?



Maria Acevedo

Author: Miablogger66

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  1. I find that a great solution for me to take these stickers off is just a bit of warm water and a cloth, normally removes the glue no problems!

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  2. Ross and Bealls Outlet here in Tampa are thr scuzziest places to shop for anything…lol. I would be scared to try on anything for fear of getting crabs or something.
    And dd’s discount isn’t too far behind…lol.

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    • Thank you for your comment. I happen to like some of their shoe selection and have not had any issues with quality just the price sticker position.

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  3. I agree with you. I also am against those plastic tags on clothes that leave little holes.

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    • Right. I was about to buy a pair of pants too and the tag had left a big whole that I just left it behind.

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  4. I have bought shoes from ross and had this happen , so annoying, i feel your sticky too

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    • Thanks Stacy for your comment. I don’t want to knock them down, they have great prices but I just hate where they place the price.

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  5. Our Ross Stores in this area have a tag on the plastic dogiggy attached at the side, no sticker, except for the size sticker and that does the same thing. Thank goodness TJmaxx puts the size sticker and price on the bottom.. But what I really hate is when they put a sticker on the front of a picture or picture frame, it takes forever to get it off. Why can’t they put it on the back?

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  6. I straight up WILL NOT BUY something with the sticker tag in an annoying place. There are tons of hacks on Pinterest to remove them, but guess what, they never work or are more hassle then the item is worth.

    So I totally agree with you. They need to pass a law or something. It’s totally damaging the item. Sticky soled shoes get tossed in the trash I don’t have time to deal with it. Such a shame.

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    • I learned my lesson at the same token the shoes, even though they were name brand, didn’t last long.

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