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Taste History Culinary Tour

of Delray Beach did not disappoint

This is a long overdue post from my tour of Delray Beach last September.  Oops!

If you follow my blog, you might have read that in the past I have taken that Taste History Culinary Tour of Historic West Palm Beach and loved it, well, last September (I told you that this was a long overdue post), I had the pleasure of taking part of the Taste History Culinary Tours of Delray Beach.


Delray Beach

Delray Beach

I invited a friend as my husband had to work and my son wanted to sleep in as this was his last weekend of summer before starting school again.  The drive is about an hour and a half, beautiful Saturday day, although very hot.  South Florida weather after all!

The bus picked us up at the meeting location which was the Boynton Beach Mall, don’t worry, when you purchase the tickets you are given specific instructions as to where to meet and the meeting times.  So no worries there.  In this particular tour there were local guests along with people from New Jersey and including young ones, 5 and 7 year old kids.   I think it is great when parents include the little ones in tours such as this one. You raise kids that appreciate art, history and food.  I was very impressed that the youngest which I think he was five years old, was not afraid to try the sampling of the food at every stop.  He was not picky at all.  Good job mom.

Our first stop was about 20 minutes away from where we boarded the bus, the bus is air conditions and comfortable, the seats could be a little roomier but other than that very comfortable.  After going through one of the first black neighborhoods of the Delray Beach we stopped at Sweet’s.  A Jamaican restaurant owned by Miss Sweet’s.  This is a small little restaurant, home cooked Jamaican cuisine, Mrs. Sweet’s and her staff was waiting for our group with food such as Jerk Chicken, Jerk ox tail, curry goat, rice make with coconut milk, Jamaican patties, sweet plantains.    Very delicious food.  Jamaican sodas available as well.  Very lively place and delicious food.  I must warn you, it is a very small place so if you have a big group I don’t recommend it.  Honestly, if it wasn’t so far away from where I live down south, I wouldn’t mind eating there a few times a week.  After our tasting, Miss Sweets was kind enough to go outside and take pictures with all of us.  Thank you Miss Sweets.

We boarded the air conditioned bus again and headed to our next stop, of course throughout the ride to each stop we are given more history of the City of Delray.  Second stop was Café Bleu for more tastings.  We walked in to this very nice spot, similar to a Starbucks; however, locally owned.  Keep in mind the tour is to introduce the visitors to local stops that otherwise we would not know about.  We headed to the back of the café where Tyler the General Manger of Café Bleu was waiting for us with delicious(Big) cookies, and assortment of wine, very tasty and unusual blend of hot tea and  of course assorted flatbreads. The flatbread were so good, they literally tasted like pizza.    You can order coffee, smoothies, wines, baked good, flatbread of all kind.  They offer gluten-free and vegan baked goods as well.

After this second stop at Café Bleu our guide Lori walked us across the street to Cabana El Rey, a Latin American restaurant, a fusion of different flavors from Latin American made with Caribbean spices put together by Chef Roberto.

The restaurant is big, very ample seating areas, tables, booths and a full bar.  We sampled their version of Mojitos made with Vodka.  Very nice presentation of the Mojitos by the way.

Mojitos @Cabana Del Rey

Mojitos @Cabana El Rey

We were then introduced to their empanadas, croquetas and grilled chicken skewers.    The empanadas had a very nice flavor, crispy with a chipotle sauce on the bottom.  The ham croquetas was soft inside and crunchy on the outside just like a well-made Cuban croqueta.  Because it was a tasting, I can only give my review on the items that we sampled but I can tell you that the service was outstanding.  Definetely recommend Cabana El Rey in Delray, Beach.

Appetizers @Cabana El Rey

Appetizers @Cabana El Rey


Our next stop took us to downtown Delray to Bamboo Fire Café.  Bamboo Fire Café is owned by Chef Beverly who is from Guyana. The restaurant offers Caribbean and world cuisine.  After a brief history of the restaurant by Ms. Beverly, we sampled  the Jerk balls, a codfish taco on a bed of coleslaw along with a mac & goat cheese fritter(delicious). But my favorite was the Calypso Bay lemonade that all in our tour loved and wanted the recipe, of course, when we asked Ms. Beverly if she can tell us what is in the lemonade, she said that it was a secret, some of us tried to guess what ingredients might be in the drink and only one came close.  Another guess who had brought his own thermos purchased the lemonade to go and she did say that the lemonade goes well with a little rum.  I mean it was very, very good.  Not for the diabetics though as it is very sweet.  The restaurant itself is very small, but cozy and familiar. Like being in your mom’s kitchen.

Bamboo fire Cafe

homemade lemonade

After Bamboo’s fire café we headed for more tastings over to The French Bakery where there were more French pastries waiting for us.  OMG!, you must try the Pistachio croissant, by far my favorite. This is a family owned French bakery, they make all of their product on site, you are able to see the baking process through a window that they have on the side.  Unfortunately for guest who are looking for Gluten-Free baked goods, this bakery is not for you.  One of our guest asked the owner the reason and it is because their baked good require gluten to rise otherwise their croissants and other pastries will not taste as good.  Everything is fresh and tasty, you can order your coffee and pastry and sit down in their seating area.

Our last stop was at a family owned Italian Bakery, Palermo Bakery. As soon as walk in you smell the baked goods, this place has it all, fresh-baked breads, cakes, desserts, sweets galore.   They have plenty of seating for you to relax and enjoy their goods.  If I am not mistaken, they said that they also offer a sit down dinner on certain nights of the week, so make sure that you call or visit them for more information.

Unfortunately, I have lost my photos when I forgot my password to my iphone and couldn’t recover my data 🙁

The Taste History Culinary tour covers the art districts and this tour was no exception we visited the Art district of Delray Beach, similar to Wynwood; however, in a smaller scale.  We got the chance to visit with local artist, very interesting for art lovers.

This was my second tour with Lori Duran of the Taste History Culinary tour and it didn’t disappoint. I highly recommend booking any of their tours as they are informative, fun and tasty.

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