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Knights @ Florida Renaissance festival
Knights @ Florida Renaissance Festival

Who am I?

My name is Maria Acevedo and I blog under the name of Miami Blogger and Foodlvr.  I am a 50 something woman who is passionate about my State of Florida and city of Miami. Although I was not born in Miami, I was raised from the age of 11 where I was brought to this country along with mom and twin sister in search of a better life. Although, I guess, you can say that the US does provide a better life I have to admit that at the age of 11 you really don’t understand what is happening to your family which in my case my family as I knew it was no more as my dad did not want to make the trip and ended up staying in our native country of Ecuador.

I am an opinionated woman who sometimes gets in trouble for speaking my mind. I love to review places that I visit being for pleasure or business. I love to travel, attend special events, restaurants, anything that our great city and state have going on.  I love to share these events with my family, friends and now with you all.

I will also be sharing my experience as a mom of teen boys 18 and 14, what I have learned along the way, in no way giving advise on how to raise kids but sharing what has been my wonderful and sometimes stressful life as a mom.  Stick around as it has been a a challenge from my failed pregnancies to worrying about my 18 year old son being on road for the first time. Yikes!

My blog will also have information on some health issues that I had the misfortune of dealing with and how I have managed to live with and pulled through. Who knows, I might give light to other who have had the same issues and ease some of the concerns and misconceptions that I too was given even by some doctors that I was seen by.  Since I am 40 something, I will be writing about some of the new experiences of this wonderful age group that can now be said that it is the new 30’s.

I hope you find this website fun  & informative. Please feel free to comment and suggest topics that you might be interested in.