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Anthony Bourdain… the public has lost a great communicator

Anthony Bourdain - photo credit to Daily Motion

Anthony Bourdain….I felt as if I knew him…

Anthony Bourdain - Photo Credit to Food & Wine Magazine
Anthony Bourdain – Photo Credit to Food & Wine Magazine

On Friday when I learned of Anthony Bourdain’s passing on social media, I had to check the internet first to make sure what  I had seen on my social media feed was accurate.  I was hoping that it was fake news as sometimes, social media likes to kill  people for whatever reason.  But, NO, this news was very real.  I was walking back to work from lunch and I let out an “Oh, No! I was literally is shock.   You see, I watched him as much as can and I have been watching him since the early 2000 first when he was on The Travel Channel with his show No Reservations and most recently watched him on CNN Parts Unknown. I loved his voice, I thought he was extremely handsome and the way he communicated was unique. I had not seen a host be so honest, educated and vulgar at the same time.  He has no hairs on his tongue, an expression that many Latin people use, mostly Cubans  “no tiene pelos en la lengua”.  He was captivating.

How can this well-educated, successful TV personality who seemed to have it all, have taken his life. What about his daughter who he often showed off on his social media. How could this celebrity whom I had wanted to go see the last time he came to Miami, and for some reason or other I was not able to, be gone.  But I guess I am thinking about the people that are left behind suffering and not thinking about the suffering he must have been experiencing to make him take that decision. I guess we will never know his reasons.

I will never get to hear his voice or see him in person again, that chance is gone. I felt as I knew him and therefore, the pain was real. Since his passing I have been searching all the internet sites that have something on Anthony, the social media, TV channels to get more information.  I have been watching all the TV specials that CNN have thoughtfully prepared on such notice.  How can I feel like this for someone I didn’t know personally? I guess, tv shows makes us feel connected in some way or other, when we like a celebrity, we are happy when they are happy and we are sad when they are sad. But I guess I am thinking about the people that are left behind suffering and not thinking about the suffering he must have been experiencing to make him take that decision. I guess we will never know his reasons.

I have been watching his shows since Friday night; I have read every post in the Internet, Social Media outlets and watched every special on TV.  I am happy that all of his colleagues have spoken lovely of him.  He had a talent, I was able to learn about countries that I will probably never have a change to visit (unless, I win the lotto), he was able to convey what these people ate, their culture with compassion.  There is only one way to learn about other cultures and that is through their eyes, by Anthony going into these people’s homes, cooking and dining with them he was exposing his vulnerability and they were exposing theirs.  What an awesome way to educate us, don’t you think?

Favorite Anthony Bourdain episodes

Two of my favorite episodes are the one when he dined with President Obama in Hanoi Vietnam



And the second is when he dined for the first time at Waffle House


In the episode of his first time eating at a Waffle House, you can tell the type of person he really is, did you see how he interacted with the servers?  Because of his background, he had a connection with the cooks, servers and dishwashers I guess it comes from being one himself. It looked like he genuinely enjoyed spending time with the locals, no matter where he was at.

I will definitely miss his storytelling and his anecdotes. His honesty about his past and his social media posts of his daughter. I feel so horrible for his mom, brother and most of all his daughter who will have to grow up with a dad.

Anthony Bourdai- Photo Credit - Pinterest
Anthony Bourdai- Photo Credit – Pinterest

RIP Anthony Bourdain, I will truly miss you watching you every week and following on Instagram. I hope that wherever you are you found the peace that apparently you missing here on earth.

Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.

Anthony Bourdain

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