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Are you part of the RBF community

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 Are you part of the RBF community?

Miami Blogger - RBF 600 x 400
Miami Blogger – circa 1990


I am fine thank you has been my reply for years when anyone asks  “are you ok” based on my facial expression.
For some readers this might sound like a comical or self centered Miamiblogger post, as I know it’s a petty issue, but for those who live with this facial condition it is real nuisance. Constantly being self conscious of the frown on my face is irritating but what can I do except cope with it and write about it.
What is RBF you ask, the definition is Resting Bitch Face  (I would like to know who came up with the name and why “Bitch”, I certainly don’t appreciate that label).   No, it’s not a health condition or a mental one for that matter but it’s a facial expression that makes those having the condition appear to be either angry, sad, mad, unapproachable, rude, cold, unemotional. When the truth is that people with this expression are probably doing just fine (emphasize on probably).
Miami Blogger RBF post B&W
Miami Blogger 2016
I guess I should be appreciative for those who actually care about my well being and stop and ask “what’s wrong” but the truth is that it upsets me having to justify that LOOK.
As I got older,  gravity has started to work it’s magic  on this 52 year old face and being blessed with chubby cheeks, certainly does not help this condition.
Miami Blogger - Wynwood Food tour
Miami Blogger – Wynwood Food tour
Looking at my childhood photos,  the majority of the photos (a few below) I have a sad puppy look. I am coming to terms that this is not something that came about with age but I was gifted with the ability to seem standoffish which in today’s world people refer to it as RBF.
Miami Blogger RBF post circa 1970
Miami Blogger – circa 1970
When I was a teenager, I used to be called Conceded by guys because I didn’t walk around with a smile. Well now I know why I got no dates in high school (not really, I wasn’t allowed to date, very old fashion and super strict parents). I know too much info.
Miami Blogger RBF Post 1970
Miami Blogger RBF Post 1970


It’s only in recent years that I heard and read about this condition called RBF (Resting bitch face,  also known as RBF, or bitchy resting face, is a facial expression which unintentionally appears as if a person is angry, annoyed, irritated, or contemptuous, particularly when the individual is relaxed, resting or not expressing any emotion) and I can now diagnose myself with this condition.
Today, I am self conscious about my expression. I am constantly trying to smile everywhere I am at, when I am at a red light I try to smile so that the person in the car in front of me doesn’t see me as a sad, boring individual. Don’t even ask about taking photos, that’s a whole new issue. With Social Media in order to post a picture I probably take twenty (20) photos just to get one good smiling photo of me. Can you relate?
I should just learn to let it go, it is what it is and don’t feel that I have to justify myself to anyone. I should, but it’s hard.
So if you know me or see me one day, please don’t ask me “what’s wrong” I am totally cool but thank you for asking.
Feels good to know there are famous people with this condition as well, below is one celebrity  who is constantly being photographed with that look, the RBF look.
Victoria Beckham - photo credit - Shirlaine Forrest-Getty Images
Victoria Beckham – photo credit – Shirlaine Forrest-Getty Images


So tell me do you have RBF? How do deal with this condition?

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