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Thinking about what to name this post I came up with Blogging writes as opposed to Blogging rights
I became a blogger by accident or better yet unknowingly. I don’t consider myself a writer but I do think that I communicate better when I write.  I came to the conclusion that I was a good writer back when my eldest son was in high school, five years ago. You see I had to convince both the principal and vice principal of his high school that they were both wrong by not allowing my son to return to school the following year due to grades. One of his teachers, well I don’t think she is a good teacher for that matter, had not given my son due credit for his EOC (End of Course) exam and therefore his grade had gone down to the point that he was no longer meeting the required GPA to stay in that particular magnet school. I remember too well when I got the call from the school advising me that my son will not be allowed back the following year. It was June of 2013,  I was at my mom’s bedside as she was in hospice care on her last day.  My mom’s funeral was on a Saturday and by Monday I had to communicate with the school Principal and Vice Principal and get them to review my son’s grades.  This went on for a week or so, when I finally received an email from the Principal apologizing for the mistake and letting me know that my son is in good standing to continue the remaining of his high school years.  But you might be asking, what does all this have to do with blogging, well, the Vice Principal sent me an email congratulating me on my writing skills, that it had been very convincing and to the point.  So,  this email started it all as it gave me the confidence I needed to write.
After that I started writing reviews in yelp on every place I dined at or business I received service from (sometimes landing myself in hot water with some business owners because I wrote my truth).
One day, four (4) years ago, my web designer husband told me that he will create a website for me so that instead of putting my reviews on other sites such as Yelp, google maps, etc. Start blogging on my own site. First time I had heard the word Blog, Blogging, Blogger (Wikipedia’s definition – A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the internet consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page)
And so I purchased my first domain and my husband showed me how to design my site, so I did and came to life (still own the domain but currently not active). It was my baby, my creation and I put a few years into this site. I was able to join blogging groups and attend restaurant soft openings, menu tastings, culinary tours and even received products for testing in exchanged of reviews and social media marketing.
I got to meet celebrity chefs, Mixologist, and go on  culinary tours such as MIAMI CULINARY TOURS of  Wynwood & South Beach as well as two invitations from  TASTE HISTORY CULINARY TOURS with curator Lori Durante.
After a couple of years of successful food blogging, I decided to open my second blog site, this new blog will be called  I decided that this new blog will be a lifestyle blog with posts about food, family, health issues, pets, kids, parents, basically Life.
This lifestyle blogging is more my style, it’s more personal, one of the posts that was successful was the one on leaving with diverticulitis and having surgery to repair the issue. I was happy that people that were suffering as I had been found my post useful, helpful and I was able to receive emails from the UK.  That’s how powerful posts are and can be. I lot of blogger blog because there is money involved, you can receive money from brands but let’s face it, it is not easy and although I would love to make blogging my full time job it is not feasible for my family and I.  This is a hobby or mine. Do I wish you get paid for my posts, heck yeah but realistically speaking,  there is a lot of competition out there. I am open to what ever comes my way!
I stopped blogging two years ago because life happened, resigned from a 30 year tenure with the same boss  and that pretty much changed my life. I lost my mojo!
I now, have resumed my interest in writing,  although coming up with material can be challenging,  I plan on writing posts on my kids getting older, empty nest syndrome, resigning from my job of 30 years, being an Uber driver to supplement my income, my 3  unloving whom I love cats, etc.  So get ready, there is a lot more material coming your way and who knows, maybe one day, I will finally write the book of my life that I have been wanting to write for many years now.
If you are planning on becoming a blogger, I suggest the following:
  • Come up with a name for your blog
  • Create a website that it’s visually appealing and mobile friendly
  • Find your niche, what do you like to write about.
  • Write from the heart, remember that your readers can tell when you are genuine. If people find your site it’s because they are looking for information so make sure that your site provided the readers what they are looking for.
  • Be relatable
  • Have a Social media presence, share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and yes, even LinkedIn will allow you to share your posts.
  • Join blogging unions, blogging groups, blogging communities, blogging networks.
Don’t be discouraged by other bloggers, we all have something to contribute in this blogging world.
So are you Blogger? What has been your experience? Have you thought about becoming one? Can you share tips on becoming a successful blogger?

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