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BurgerQ & Beer Wall


A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure to be invited to the grand opening of BURGERQ in beautiful downtown Dadeland.  BurgerQ is an upscale burger restaurant across from Dadeland Mall, call Downtown Dadeland. Which one of these days I will go and explore this new shopping and dining area in our Kendall area and blog about it.

BurgerQ grandopening
BurgerQ Grandopening(me and my husband)

To be honest, I had not heard of Downtown Dadeland until I received this invitation. I mean, I knew that it had to be near Dadeland Mall, a major mall in Miami. At first I had trouble finding BurgerQ, you know how it when you are not familiar with a particular area, I kept going around and around  looking for the restaurant. We finally found it and we were able to find parking pretty easy as there is a parking garage which happens to be very inexpensive.  Not sure how the parking is during weekends and night-time but definitely a plus.

Downtown Dadeland
Downtown Dadeland

The restaurant has ample seating so at no point will you be bumping elbows with your neighbors, unless you want to of course.  While driving there I was somewhat concerned that parking would be an issue; however, we had no issue finding parking at a nearby parking garage for the patrons of this new area and very inexpensive I might add.   I am not sure if Downtown Dadeland is new to the area, from what I was able to see there seem to be offices or apartments on the floors above the restaurants.

Burger Q front
BurgerQ front

BurgerQ is much more than a burger place, when I first walked in my eyes were drawn to the orange neon sign toward the back of the room that read DRINK LOCAL, which is a beer wall, a concept I had not seen before.  The concept of the beer wall is that you buy the amount of ounces of beer that you anticipate consuming during your visit.  You are then given a cup and head over to the Beer Wall where you pick the beers that you want to drink.  You can choose from all of the selections as long as you have ounces remaining, of course, you can replenish your beer funds at any time. You can choose from light beers to robust ones. Keep in mind that every time you pour from the dispensers, the ounces will deduct from the tab that was purchased in advance.  Trust me it is a fun idea and fun to do!  I have to say that my favorite beer of the wall was the Rubia.  I was pleased to learn that the beer comes from local Miami breweries, supporting our local businesses!

Burger Q Beer Wall
Burger Q Beer Wall

After getting the hang of the beer wall, which, I have to admit took a little while, we checked out the menu and got to taste a few of their items such as their chicken wings and strawberry milkshake.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try their burgers, but I am definitely going back soon.

BurgerQ menu
BurgerQ menu

If you are a foodie  like me, and you eat out often, you know that the IN thing is for restaurants to have an open kitchen layout and BurgerQ has it, I love the open kitchen concept as I am able to how the kitchen personnel prepares the food that I ordered, you know what I mean?  As you can see from the picture below, even though it was a hectic night for the cooks, one took the time to smile and wave. Love it 🙂

BurgerQ Kitchen
BurgerQ kitchen

Overall, BurgerQ is a fun place to go with the family, friends or why not by yourself(on my bucket list). Very nice place, very nice location, and a fun way to get your drink on, the beer wall if you are a beer lover. So head on over there and enjoy.



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