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I am aging and it sucks!

Fighting the inevitable signs of aging


I was debating whether to write this post on my feelings on aging in the fear that it may seem somewhat as a negative post; however, I decided why not, hey, it is how I feel about getting old and why not let others know and I am sure that I am not the only woman in her late forties  who feels this way. So here it goes. I am tired of women and men in my age group preaching the catch phrase “age is just a number” or “age is how you feel” well it isn’t.


I feel like it was only yesterday that I was in my twenties, cooking in the hot Miami sun, no wrinkles, no dark circles, no dark spots and no GREY HAIR.  I guess because when I was in my twenties I had no worries, I had no one to take care of except myself, no little ones to worry about and no elderly mother that needed my care.  Fast forward 20 years and I mean fast forward, as they have really flown by and I now have two almost grown kids, a husband of 21 years, the same job that I had in my twenties and a household to help maintain which come with lots of BILLS.  And up until two years I was a caregiver to my elderly mom who I believe aged me quite a bit (although I would go through it again just to have her back with me).

It is somewhat disheartening when my mind feels young,  when I say and do things that are silly and funny and I look in the mirror and see that I no longer look like the person that I feel.  It felt wonderful when up until my early 40’s people would still think that I was in my thirties but now I no longer get that comment of “you are how old”.    It truly does suck when the person inside doesn’t match the person in the mirror.  Wrinkles, under-eye dark circles, frowning face, cheeks drooping(one downfall of having big cheeks) which make you look sad and miserable all the time even though I don’t feel that way.  It is like I have on a RBF (resting bitch face) all the time.

When I in my twenties, I lived at the beach, my skin tanned beautifully but all those years of sun tanning have not been kind to my skin as I now have been warned by my dermatologist that I can not be in the sun without the heaviest of SPF protections there is which he said 45.  I have developed dark spots on my face and white marks on my arms due to the sun. When you are young you don’t think of the potential danger but when you are older and you start seeing the effects you want to reverse the damage but unfortunately there is nothing you can do.  I used to take care of my skin but ever since I turned 48 I put a morning and nightly regimen.  I have started using all sort of anti-aging morning, night, day creams. I even found myself purchasing creams online that I have never heard of before but I bit into their pitch and I am now trying them out. I have started to get facials on a monthly basis along with mocrodermabrasion and IPL’s. I recently went as far as getting a Skin Rejuvenation treatment.

I used to criticize women who spent money on creams and expensive treatments but now I get them.  We will try anything and everything as long as it is safe to reverse the signs of aging.  I am one of you now and I apologize for criticizing you all.  I used to majorly criticize my mother-n-law who had a few surgeries while she was alive(she passed away 10 years ago) but I now know why she did it. It is not easy to accept the changes that come with growing older.

I sometimes feel like throwing in the towel and let life and age take its course and then I snap out of it.  I will continue to buy my creams, do as many non-invasive anti-aging procedures as possible. I don’t like the process and even though I can’t stop the process at least I can do it gracefully. I will learn to like the person I see in the mirror looking back at me 🙂

Maria @49
Maria @49


So tell me do you feel the same way?

What products have you used that have worked?

I am currently using Loreal Age Perfect Day and Night cream.


Because I have sensitive skin I have started using as a cleanse Granier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water.



And my newest addition which I purchased on a whim off of the Internet Beverly Hills MD Lift + Firm Sculpting Cream.

I get my regular facials from Liannette Beauty skin and my Skin Rejuvenation and laser hair treatments at Velour Medspa.


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