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It’s Vacation time


Our First out of State Vacation

Some of our passes

Since it is the summer and many families will be going on vacation, I decided to write a post on one of our first greatest vacation in case that any of you are looking for suggestions.

In 2011 we decided to take the kids for their first real vacation out of State, and although we had several options, we decided on an education/historical vacation would be best, the kids were still young enough to enjoy. So, Washington DC and Pennsylvania here we come.

I was able to snatch a decent airfare, hotel and car rental via  So one Saturday morning the Acevedo’s left Miami for a week-long learning and fun vacation, although, somehow, a vacation is never a vacation for grown-ups. Especially when traveling with kids, don’t you agree?

We arrived in National Airport in DC in mid-March, a very cold day as temperatures were in the 30’s, coming from warm weather in Miami, Florida it was a bit of an adjustment for us but it was a welcomed experience.  Tip. DC gets very cold during the months of March.  We had to purchase gloves, sweaters to be comfortable. We really felt the cold while riding the double deck tour buses, ouch!   Getting back to our arrival, we picked up our rental car and headed to our hotel, dropped off our luggage and started our first stop.

These are the places that my family & I visited and in my opinion a must see.

 Mt. Vernon, George Washington’s Home 

Mt. Vernon
Mt. Vernon- Posing with Martha Washington

Here we are at visiting the Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial
My boys and I at The Lincoln Memorial


Arlington Cemetery

Arlington Cemetery
My son at The Arlington Cemetery

The Korean War Veterans Memorial

Korean War Veterans Memorial
My youngest at The Korean War Veterans Memorial

National World War II Memorial

National World War II Memorial
My husband and kids(time flies, now my oldest is in College). National World War II Memorial

Madame Tussauds Washington DC

Madame Tussauds
A family picture at the White House @Madame Tussauds

Unfortunately,  I have looked everywhere for the pictures of this family trip to share with you all but I can’t find them. 🙁  I told my husband that we would have to redo the trip.

We saw many other attractions which I recommend such as:

The International Spy Museum

The United States Capitol- Make sure that you request tickets a few weeks prior to your trip

National Museum of Natural History(all the museums are free)

National Air & Space Museum (all the museums are free)

Washington Monument

National Museum of American History (all the museums are free)

Washington National Cathedral

Ford’s Theater – Where President Lincoln was assassinated

We rented a car upon our arrival but we also made good use of the tour buses, we bought the 5 day passes where we can get on and off at any of their stops which are always places of interest. We parked our car at Grand Union Stations. What an impressive station, it is practically a mall with restaurants, shops and of course the people catching the train.

If you want to visit the white house I suggest you write an email to your state representative as they have to clear all the member of your family. Unfortunately, there was glitch with our request and our request was denied.

You can tour the U.S. Capitol building for free, just keep in mind that you have to request tickets online. Somehow, I got the times confused and we missed our appointment.

A lot of the monuments and/or attractions are within walking distances from each other and all the museums are free to get in.

Hershey, PA


Hershey's World
Hershey’s World


During our visit we decided to take a drive to Hershey, PA to visit Hershey’s World. I wanted to take the kids who were younger back then and enjoyed amusement parks to the Hershey’s Theme Park, however, during the months of March they are closed. But never the less, touring the won was pleasant.  I could swear that as you are driving in to the town, the smell of chocolate is everywhere.

Hershey, PA is where Mr. Milton S. Hershey grew up and where the Hershey’s chocolate was manufactured.  There is a trolley that will take you throughout the town showing you Mr. Hershey’s childhood home, the home where he and his wife shared along with the Hershey’s Chocolate plant.

We also went to Hershey World where we created our own personalized candy bars, how cool is that…

Hershey's World Candy Making
Hershey’s World- Candy Making

Inside Hershey’s world which is a museum displaying memorabilia also offers a little chocolate making tour, make sure you smile at a specific spot as you will get your picture taken available for purchases at the end of your tour. Your are being forewarned so SMILE 🙂

Chocolate Making Tour
Chocolate Making Tour


After visiting Hershey, PA, we headed back to DC where we finished off our vacation by visiting Georgetown Cupcakes which at that time 2011 they were pretty famous thanks to Food Network’s cupcake wars which Georgetown cupcakes had participated in. Yes, we waited for two plus hours to get inside and try their cupcakes. Oh, well, it was the experience, my husband thought I was crazy.

We have taken  vacations throughout Florida but Washington, DC and Hershey, PA were magical vacations that my family and I will treasure for ever.

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