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Kendall favorite dining spots

Miami Blogger - Kendall Dining

My 10 favorite Kendall Dining spots

This post is hands down the easiest to write.

I have leaved in the Kendall neighborhood the majority of my life and I look forward to dining out and not having to drive to Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Brickell to find good food. I am happy that a lot of chef’s and restaurateurs are opening their doors in the Kendall area.
The list I have prepared for you included mostly restaurants in the West Kendall area, between 8 street and 120 street and from Dadeland mall (although, I will include a Pinecrest spot on this list) to 162nd Avenue.
My first spot is Finka Table & Tap, located on 147th Avenue and SW 26 street. I have been there a few times and I always order the same dish, oxtail risotto, it’s simply the delicious. Yum Yum!
Finka- Oxtail Risotto
Finka- Oxtail Risotto
My second spot is Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard located on 147th Avenue SW 115th street. This spot is a little upscale in price and service but well worth the experience. I will be honest I only went once during the Miami Spice period but the experience was so nice that I had to included in the top 10 places in Kendall.
Miami Blogger - Chef Adrianne
Miami Blogger – Chef Adrianne
My third spot will have to be Mr. & Mrs. Bun, this Peruvian fusion restaurant is located in a spot that you normally wouldn’t expect to find a restaurant of this caliber, don’t get me wrong, I am sure there is nothing wrong with the area but somehow, it is lovingly refer to Kendall Ghetto.   However, sometimes the best places are in unexpected neighborhoods.  The restaurant is small and their menu is small but definitely the food is delicious and don’t leave without trying their desserts.
Miami Blogger - Mr. & Mrs. Bun
Miami Blogger – Mr. & Mrs. Bun

My fourth spot has to be Bocas Grill  now with two locations in Kendall and one in Doral.  I have been to the location on Kendall Drive and 122nd Avenue to subway and I am not sure if their newest location on 8 street and 142nd Avenue is officially open.  Their food a latin fusion where you will find Churrasco, Chicha with condense milk and outrageous Milk Shakes such as the one you see below.  The Kendall location is small and if you go on the weekends be prepared to wait outside for seating.

Miami Blogger Bocas Grill - Shake
Miami Blogger Bocas Grill – Shake
The fifth dining spot is not located in Kendall but in Pinecrest and it’s Roasters N Toasters on US1 and 127 street to be exact. My husband and I try to go there for breakfast every Sunday,  we are never disappointed with the service and food.  Our favorite is the Kitchen Sink omelette which we share, it comes with a huge omelette with all the ingredients you can put in there, a side of grits or oatmeal, toast or bagel. The picture below is of their French 2 x 2 breakfast, 2 french toasts, 2 slides of bacon, 2 eggs your way.
Miami Blogger- Roasters N Toasters Breakfast
Miami Blogger- Roasters N Toasters Breakfast
My sixth spot will have to be Chuy’s Mexican Restaurant on Kendall drive and 164th Avenue.  I know that the food is Mexican but the decor is of a 50’s theme.  All the dishes we ordered were delicious, unfortunately, I can’t find any of the photos I had taken.  I definitely enjoyed their fresh chips and two types of salsa along with the Burritos with their Mexican yellow rice.
The seventh spot is Charcoals Steak & Grill in London Square. Although there are a couple of locations in Kendall this one is my favorite because we are always seated right away. I guess the fact that they are literally next door to Sergio’s people tend to go next door, they don’t know what they are missing.   The food is always great, we always tend to order the traditional Nicaraguan dish, the Baby Churrasco, Gallo pinto, a few sweet fried plantains and the traditional cole slaw salad.  And try their homemade lemonade with the foamy frost on top. Delicious.
Charcoals Steak & Grill - Kendall
Charcoals Steak & Grill – Kendall
Let’s move a little east for my eight spot and let’s mention Manhattan Chicago Pizza with their humongous deep dish pan pizza! I think we took a couple of days to finish this at home.
Manhattan Chicago Pan Pizza
Manhattan Chicago Pan Pizza
My ninth Kendall spot is a family owned Italian place in the heart of Kendall, Mike’s pizza of Kendall in the shopping center next to Dandee Bear (yes, there is still one remaining). This place makes the best eggplant parmigiana in the area, definitely a must try if you are in the area.
And my tenth spot although a little south, is La Perla restaurant on 152nd street and 137th Avenue, if you are looking for reasonable priced Peruvian food, especially if you are in the mood to eat Tacu Tacu (not everyone makes the tacu tacu rice as delicious as La Perla) this place cannot be beat. You can order the Tacu Tacu with seafood, chicken, churrasco or steak.  The food is delicious and reasonably priced and take out is available.
La Perla - Tacu Tacu
La Perla – Churrasco Tacu Tacu
There you have it my ten  favorite Kendall Dining spots.  There are many more restaurants that I would love to put on my list  but didn’t want to bore you guys. I think Chef’s and restaurateurs are taking note of Kendall and more and more will be moving or opening new locations in our area.  Although, every once in a while we need to get out of the suburbs.
New spot alert 🚨 Latin House Grill is opening up in the regal cinema shopping center where the old diner used to be, can’t wait to go although to be honest I am a little worried about the parking situation.
Let me know if you have tried any of these and what has been your experience at any of these spots.

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