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Medieval times have arrived in Florida

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Don’t miss out on your chance to step back in time, the medieval times that is at the Florida Renaissance Festival

This post is long over due, as we went to this year’s festival the very first day that  Festival opened on February 13th. If you are a fan of medieval times this is definitely a festival for you.  The festival is held  at the beautiful Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach, Florida.  This is a family event which I have been attending with my family for the last 10 years and I can say that every year it gets better and bigger. We love stepping back to medieval times.

Florida Renaissance Festival entrance
Florida Renaissance festival entrance

This is a yearly event that we love going to as it offers something for everyone, especially for history and weapons aficionados such as my husband and my two boys.  I enjoy going as it gives me a chance to spend time with the boys and eat some yummy, not so healthy, food and do some shopping. Yes, ladies and gentlemen there is shopping and not just for women, there are a lot of shopping for men and kids.

This festival has so much going on between the food, the entertainment, the shows, the shopping and honestly just watching the people, it is so much fun!


This year I got to feast on Peruvian food such as pinchos and ceviche, Mediterranean food such as Gyro’s, American food such as a Giant Turkey leg and funnel cakes, Giant peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies.  They have so many food vendors it is hard to choose. But one thing for sure, you will not go hungry.

When I started going to this festival many years ago, I was shocked to say the least about the people’s attire, not just the people who put on the event but the people who go to the event, they take pride in the costumes they wear and some outfits are so elaborate that they get asked to pose for pictures as if they were celebrities.  There is Jack Sparrow look-alike that I swear is Johnny Depp, okay it’s not him, but you get my point.  So if you enjoy dressing up, this is an event/festival for you.

The Kings court @ Florida Renaissance Festival
Playing dress up @ Florida Renaissance Festival


The entertainment includes street performers, actors doing plays, mud wrestling, singing, playing musical instruments, slapstick comedy, tomato throwing.    Even the kids get to join the fun, there are giant wooden rocking horses that it is being moved by the attendant by him swinging from side to side using his weight. Very interesting as you get a first look on what life was back in that era.  In addition, they have poetry reading and something that I had not seen before on my previous visits.  The attraction is called CAST IN BRONZE, where a gentleman wearing a mask plays music using giant bronze bells as if it was a piano, very impressive and talented. The music was so beautiful that I just had to buy his CD and I have attached a snip of one of his songs below.

Cast in bronze @ Florida Renaissance Festival
Cast in Bronze @ Florida Renaissance Festival


A show that I enjoy watching every year and never get tired of is The Birds of Prey with Ray Pena. He and his assistants have trained their birds such as falcons, eagles and owls to perform tricks, as always, they will include the history behind the birds and how these majestic birds were used in the 16th century.

So hurry, you only have two more weekends to enjoy this awesome festival. Definitely recommend taking a drive to the Florida Renaissance festival, the festival will run every weekend through March 27th.

Tickets are around $21.00 plus tax; you can buy them at Walgreens at a lower price.


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