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Seasons 52 in Coral Gables

Seasons 52 – Coral Gables

Celebrating milestones such as my kids (no longer kids) birthdays is an event I look forward to every year, no matter how old they turn and not only my kids, my family in general celebrate birthdays by going out to eat as it gives us all a chance to catch up in this busy world we live in.  With our kids working now and become more independent, we have to take advantage of the times that we do get together and it seems that food is the common denominator.
Miami Blooger - Seasons 52
Happy 22nd Birthday my son


We try to choose restaurants that we have not been before to make it a special occasion and this year I chose  Seasons 52 which was a hit with all of my family members.

Miami Blogger - Seasons 52
Miami Blogger – My crazy family

It had been several years that I had not been to Miracle Mile for the dining scene and at first I was hesitant of the parking situation as Coral Gables can get somewhat hectic at all times of the day but surprisingly we had no issues finding parking in the city garage and even more surprising was that it only cost us $4.00 to park, I know right?

The walk from the garage was less than a block, the restaurant was dim lit which is very nice, it gives it a not so hectic dining tone to the evening, my family had already arrived and were already seated at our table.  We had two servers and they were super professional, very attentive to all of our needs.
I started with a nice Funky Buddha Beer, locally brewed, so smooth

Miami Blogger - Funky Buddha

Someone else ordered this delicious Martini

Miami Blogger

Let’s get to the food! I had been told by a previous diner that the portions were small but we didn’t find it to be the case, I think the portions were just right.
Lump Crab and shrimp stuffed mushrooms

Miami Blogger - Shrimp & Lobster

Filet Mignon with
Miami Blogger - Seasons 52


Cedar plank roasted salmon 

Miami Blogger


Grilled Sea Scallops with goat cheese risotto and green asparagus

Miami Blogger - Sea Scallops


BBQ Meatloaf

Miami Blogger- Seasons 52


Wood grilled Filet Mignon with sweet & mash potatoes

Filet Mignon @Seasons52


Peanut Butter Torte – Peanut butter is my favorite

Miami Blogger - Seasons 52 dessert


Belgian Chocolate S’more ( the desserts were amazing) they are so small that you can practically try each one of their flavors.

Miami Blogger - Seasons 52 dessert


All of our dishes were delicious, the staff was awesome, the atmosphere was wonderful and the price was unexpectedly less than expected.


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