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Starting Over after losing my job of 30 years tenure

Miami Blogger Losing my job

Starting over….after 30 years of employment with the same employer

This might sound familiar because it is, you see I had already written a post on my losing my 30 year job a year ago, but when I almost gave up blogging, I deleted a lot of my most personal posts that  I had shared with my readers.  So when, I came back to blogging, I wanted to bring this post back to life because it was important to me and it might help someone going through the same scenario I went through.

When I was 21 years old, I answered an ad in the Flyer, remember that magazine that came in the mail every Wednesday, well that one.  I had not had a serious job, I mean, I had worked for my brother’s businesses, pizza place, cafeteria at Mall of the Americas, hair salon and travel agency, but these were not actual jobs as we had no choice but to work there.  That’s another post on its own, or a book for that matter.  Anyhow, I went to my interview at a flower company by the cargo area by the airport, and I was hired.  I started as a clerk, fetching the mail, going to the bank to make the daily deposits.  Then I moved to the shipping department where I matched the labels and packing slips to the orders.  I was promoted several times throughout my 16 year tenure, I was lucky to work with people that were not selfish and wanted to teach the new employees skills and mentor us.   I had the same supervisors for 16 years who I considered my mentors and friends. These people had seen me grow up, get married and become a mom.  After 16 years, the flower company was not doing so great, so my boss, decided to separate the produce company from the flower company and so he asked me and 3 other people to join his new company.  I immediately said yes, as I had been promoted to do sales and I was not happy with the new sales manager that had just been hired. We have to learn that things always happen for a reason.

I left the flower company to become the Bookkeeper, Accounting Assistant, Office Manager, Account Manager, HR and Payroll coordinator for the produce company. We were only four (4) employees when we branched out and by the time my employment ended with the produce company we had grown to have ten (10) employees. I’d like to think that we were a happy family for 14 years, yes; people came and went but the originals kind of stayed put.

I devoted 14 years of my work life to this business, having to speak to truck brokers and drivers at all hours of the night when we had to deliver product to chain stores such as Publix,  Costco, WalMart, I never once complained because I viewed the well-being of the company as mine.

During the last four (4) years we had grown to provide logistic services for two other companies, which I provided bookkeeping services for and had compensated nicely.


So disappointed……

Since I worked for the logistic companies as well, and since our business was seasonal, I was working extra hard juggling three companies at the same time, so one day when my boss asked me for something, I snapped and told him that I was doing too much and therefore, I was falling behind. I found it odd that his answer was I will get you help.  A couple of days later he told me that someone whom we have worked with in the flower company will be coming in to help me seasonal.  I didn’t think anything of it, and I showed this new employee what I needed help with thinking that he truly was there to help me out.

But when my boss told me to teach this person everything about the logistic companies I started to wonder, why.

Move forward to February of 2017 when my boss walked into my office and said “I have some news”, I sold the company and the company that bought us will be taking the employees so you will still have a job.  I was honestly in shock, first because I didn’t think that he would do this and second because it was too short of a notice, I mean he practically gave us one month’s notice.

I went home over the weekend and wrote him a heartfelt email, I thanked him for all the years I had known him, and after all it had been 30 working for him, with him, side by side.  In my mind, I was not too worried because I thought I would continue to handle the logistic companies. Well, that was not the case.

I realized that without an explanation I had been pushed out of the logistic companies as well. Mind you, I help create these companies from scratch.   I did the vendor paperwork in order to get into Publix, Costco, Walmart I consider these my babies. It was another blow, to be pushed out.

I went home and with my husband’s blessing, I made the decision that I will not be joining the company that had bought the produce company as I learned that both my boss and the new employee that had taken my job will be also moving to the location of the new company and under no circumstance did I want to share any space with these two individuals.

I advised my boss that I would stay until the end of April to help out with the transition but it became apparent that both my boss and I were extremely uncomfortable so I emailed my boss and asked him if he wanted me to finish out the month or not and his reply to me was even more hurtful that a business relationship of thirty (30) can end like this

This is my boss’s reply from 2017:

“The last weeks have been uncomfortable for both of us and it may be
less stressful if I just have whoever needs assistance or information calls you”.

Although merging with XXXXXX is a huge change, I wanted to make sure
Everyone had continued employment and opportunity.  I’m sorry you didn’t think
It was the right move for you.

I wish you the best,


So I left for the last time with my head held high but with a broken heart and deception for thinking that my boss would have had the decency to tell me to my face that he did not need me to take care of the logistic companies and that was the reason he brought in the other guy.

I had not been to an interview in thirty (30) years, in fact my first interview was with American Airlines with a panel of 6 interviewers, let’s just say that it did not go well as I literally cried when it was my turn to introduce myself. I got better at interviews and I recognized that even without a college degree, I was hirable, have great work ethic and I am a hard worker.  I received several job offers including the State of Florida, came close to getting hired by Miami Dade College but I was not going to settle and even though these companies were great, some did not provide me with the compensation I was looking for.

After a couple of months, I landed a job in one of the best hospitals in Miami Baptist Health South Florida, unfortunately, after a year and a half with them, I had to make the tough decision to look for something more in my qualifications and I left, it was a bitter sweet moment as I had made friends and had an awesome boss lady, which I still keep in touch with.  I ended up leaving for another great company with great benefits, but within a week and a half of experiencing commute issues I had made up my mind that I needed to find something close to home.  This is where I think God had a planned for me all along. Driving home after work one day, in my two hour commute home from Brickell, I received a call from a company that I had applied over a month ago and the rest in history.   I now work at a company that I feel comfortable in, doing what I like doing and although it has only been 3 months, I like my co-workers and most of all there is no more commute issues.

God is always in control!

Losing My job
God is in Control

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