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Tacos & Tattoos – Kendall Dining



Simple yet delicious


I have been meaning to write this post soon after my first visit to Tacos & Tattoos , I have now dined there three times and it is time my Kendall neighborhood knows what a gem this restaurant is.  Tacos & Tattoos opened up a few months ago, I will say about 5 months ago in the vicinity of 117th Avenue and 104th Street or Killian.  They took over what used to be Shula’s Burger, which I don’t know it went away as I loved their sweet potato fries with the cinnamon marshmallow sauce.  But oh, well, I think Tacos & Tattoos is another great addition to our Kendall dining scene.

Tacos & Tattoos
Tacos & Tattoos


I was intrigued ever since I saw the coming soon sign and watch as Shula’s Burger went away.  Once day, my sister and I met for lunch at Tacos & Tattoos. Being that we both have an hour lunch we needed to find a place where the service was quick, but of course, being this our first visit, we didn’t know what to expect.

We went inside and it was not busy at all so we were seated right away, the young man who was our server was very customer service oriented which is always nice. Customer Service along with the food quality and taste are things are crucial in the restaurant business because word does get around.

Tacos & Tattoos
Tacos & Tattoos

While we were looking over the menu, they brought us chips and salsa, I must say that the salsa was homemade and had a nice kick to it.

Tacos & Tattoos - Chips & Salsa

My sister and I ordered the Steak fajitas, but this was not your typical Mexican fajitas, these were a fusion of Mexican and Peruvian style.  I say Peruvian because the steak was fried or grilled with Latin style french fries. Similar to the Peruvian dish “Lomo Saltado” which is a dish that brings steak strips, with onions, pepper and french fries over a bed of rice.  The fajitas were delicious,they  came with the fajitas, guacamole, sour cream.

By now I have been there three times and the service and the food has been great.  This time around, I ordered the Tacos. These are small so order a few and if I may make a suggestion, try different ones. I suggest the Pork belly, the fish taco and the shrimp taco. These are my 3 favorite and the salsa that they bring with their chips. I do a combination of lettuce tacos and tortilla tacos.  When ordering the tacos you have 4 choices to make and that is, flour tortillas or lettuce tacos, your protein, your style and the sauce.  Feel free to ask your server if you have any questions, they are super friendly.

The last time I went, my friend ordered the fried cheese appetizers, I have had fried cheese before at Nicaraguan restaurants, like Fritanga Moninbo but Tacos & Tattoos took the fried cheese to another level by drizzling honey over the cheese. Wao! The combination of the salt from the cheese and the honey was a perfect combination.   It was really good, I highly recommend it.

Tacos & Tattoos - Fried Cheese

I know that people have different taste and I can only write about my experience at Tacos & Tattoos, which was great. I highly recommend Tacos & Tattoos.

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