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Have you Try The World yet?

Try The World Box

Try The World Subscription Box

Try The World Box
Try The Wold Box


Last week I was a happy camper when I received a few surprise boxes at my job. The boxes said TRY THE WORLD.   I Honestly felt like a little kid opening presents on Christmas Eve.

Try The World is a startup company based in New York City that sources food from around the world allowing their customers to taste either for the first time or have items that for some reason or another they have not been able to due to distance.  Let’s face it, not all of us have the time or the funds to travel to a specific country when we have a specific craving so this company makes it possible.

Try The World Paris Box
Try The World France Box


Every month they feature a different products from a different country and this month was the France Box.  The boxes were beautifully packaged, I loved the color of the box. Packaging says a lot when ordering products online.  It was exciting not knowing what was inside. I was a little hesitant at first that I might not like some of the products, but to be honest,  I liked the majority of the items in the box. My kids were excited to try the products as well.



Clement Faugier Chestnut Cream spread

Charles Antona Fig Jam – great on toast

Christian Potier Peppercorn sauce- great on steaks

La Mere Poulard Butter Cookies

Palais Des Thes  – tea

Domaine des Vignes Whole Grain Mustard- Which I am using for my sautés

La Maison d’Armroine Salted Butter Caramels- chewy and delicious

Persillade Herb Blend- I am using these herb blend on my pastas

The France Box came with a Culture Guide, explaining where each product came from, how to use it and also includes recipes created by a master Chef.

France Box Culture Guide
France Box Culture Guide


Try The World will feature a different country every month, which I can’t wait until they do a box from my country of Ecuador.

Along with their country of the month box they also offer a snack box option, also from a different country but a smaller version. The box that I received had snacks from different parts of the world such as:


Try The World Snack Box
Try The World Snack Box


Rice Crackers form Japan

Butter Cookies from France

Citrus Crumble cakes from Spain

Chips from Chile

Coffee Coconut Crispy rolls from Thailand

Crunchy Almond Turron from Spain

Biscottoni from Italy

Sweet Potato crisps from Thailand

Cookie Mix from Portugal, these were my favorite!

Milk Caramel candy from Japan


I loved the packaging, the boxes were very colorful and well packaged, and delivery was quick.

Lately it seems that subscription boxes are everywhere from food to shoe subscriptions.  It is an interesting concept as you never know what you will be getting when you sign up to any of these subscription companies.

Once you have tried the box and would like to order a specific item, you can do so on their website, the best part is that you will purchase knowing that you liked the item as opposed to buying something blindly.

You can also shop by the box and by the country, Portugal, Paris, Spain, Thailand and Sweden for $49.00 a box plus shipping and handling.

I think this is a great idea for gift giving, especially for those world travelers in your life.











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